With the increasing instances of Silicosis and it is a notifiable disease in many developed nations, the governing bodies are updating the silica dust exposure standards and their disposal norms along with multiple fines and penalties to keep the dust exposure in check.

With constantly updating policies and a high risk of dust exposure, many industries are reconsidering their cleaning procedures and cleaning equipment.

Silica Dust

There are many guidelines provided by governing bodies and healthcare organizations as to how to effectively handle Silica Dust, but the guidelines are generic and don’t help industries in making an informed decision. To help such industries make an informed decision, we have created a list of things that industries must consider before buying industrial vacuums for effective silica dust containment:

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5 things that industries must consider before buying industrial vacuums for Silica Dust:

  1. Types of dust that needs to be handled:

Each industry has different materials and procedures that increase the exposure risk of crystalline Silica Dust. Right from sand in sandblasting to concrete grinding to fine wood particles to glass granules, each has different silica composition and each type of dust requires specialized cleaning equipment. When you plan to buy an industrial vacuum for the same, ensure that the machine that you choose complies with the type of dust they you want to handle.

  1. Certifications and authorized products:

Most of the governing bodies have said that you require a Type H vacuum with HEPA filter for effective Silica Dust containment. Thus, when you choose an industrial vacuum, ensure that your machines are certified and authorized by governing bodies for your industries.

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  1. Customizations and upgrades available:

Whether you wish to deal with huge quantities of dust or with fine crystalline dust or with wet or dry kind of dust, each type of dust requires different attachments and capabilities in an industrial vacuum for effective silica dust containment. Thus, ensure that the industrial vacuum that you choose provides all the customizations that you require.

  1. Rental and buying options:

Each industry has a different use of Industrial Vacuums for instance, the construction industry has project-based and site-based requirements, and glass and woodworks frequently require Industrial Vacuums after each production cycle. Thus, inquire for an Industrial Vacuum solutions provider that has varied hiring options for you.

  1. Disposal efficiency:

Apart from cleaning efficiency, one must also look after the effective collection and disposal of silica dust. Thus, whether you require disposable plastic bags for Silica Dust or a closed barrel, choose an ideal Industrial Vacuum that offers efficient disposal options.

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