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Insulation Removal as a process requires stringent cleaning and removal efficiency especially if the material contains Asbestos. Normally, the process would require providing notices to authorized personnel, barricading the area, and would also require barriers or an enclosure if possible. These measures are taken as many insulation materials are made from machine-made mineral fiber whose residue exposure can irritate eyes, skin, and the respiratory system.

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What are the Effects of Dust ?

If the material contains Asbestos, the procedure becomes all the riskier as Asbestos exposure is toxic and can prove fatal to all those who are exposed to it. Because of such high-risk factors, there are many prevention, protection, and containment measures introduced. While the certified respirators and Personal Protection Equipment Kits are essential to protect the workers from residue exposure, heavy-duty vacuums are required for wet and dry waste removal and containment!

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Type of Old Insulation Removal

Glass wool insulation
Earth wool insulation
Green insulation alternatives
Polyester insulation
Acoustic insulation
Thermal insulation
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Why should you rent insulation vacuums for your home or business?

Since the procedure is sensitive and risky, it is advised that the equipment’s used for protection and containment must be of highest quality. And if you are looking for an ideal heavy-duty vacuum cleaner that makes hazardous dust containment effective and harmless, we have the highest quality insulation removal vacuums that are not just capable but certified for the job! Whether you need vacuum for dust from attics or sidewalls or crawl spaces, our Class H vacuum cleaners with HEPA filter are more than capable for the job.

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HireaVac Australia provides a range of insulation vacuum cleaners for hire.

How much does it cost to replace insulation?
Lower Operational Cost
Removal of all dust and contaminants from your insulated areas.
Compact Design for “Ease of Manoeuvrability”
Easy operation for reduced job time and increased profitability
8 inch to 5 inch reducing cone inlet
Availability of support by qualified personnel to keep the vacuum operational, if & when needed
Our range of industrial vacuum cleaners for hire includes wet & dry vacuums as well as vacuum cleaners suitable for hazardous material.

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Vacuum Cleaner for Insulation Removal

A live demonstration of Dirt Eater Big BOSS industrial vacuum cleaner can help remove insulation.
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HireAVac offers

High-Quality Insulation Removal Vacuum Cleaners For Your Business.


Dirt Eater Protector

Type H Vacuums for Heavy Usage, Strong Build structure, H14 HEPA Filtration


Dirt Eater Big Boss

9 to 200+ kps Strong vacuum suction, Extra LONG Working cycles, Heavy-duty floor tools

Dirt Eater Bag Dumper

Dirt Eater Big Boss (Twin Motor)

Compact But Powerful
Type H Industrial Vacuums
45L Waste Bin & 7M Hose


Dirt Eater Bag Dumper

Type H Cyclonic Vacuums with 3 Stage Motor DUAL Filtration Vacuums

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