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Compact Single Phase Oven and Bakery Vacuum Cleaners

Oven and Bakery Cleaning using Industrial Vacuum Systems

Compact single phase industrial vacuum cleaners that has been designed for cleaning ovens.

In bakeries and pastry factories, combustible particles and materials can pose health hazards to workers and consumers. As the primary tool of use in baking, industrial ovens must be meticulously cleaned to guarantee high-performance levels and quality and to maintain compliance with safety regulations. The best way to perform cleaning between each production cycle is with industrial vacuuming.

Food-Oven and Bakery Cleaning Problem

Dirty surfaces can carry germs, viruses, and parasites.

Cleaning the oven regularly means a high level of hygiene and efficiency, extending the lifetime of the oven, and avoiding contamination.

✓ Bacteria
✓ Parasites
✓ Chemical contaminations
✓ Toxins
✓ Allergens

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specialize in the manufacturing of high-efficiency bakery and pastry ovens.

Cleanliness and hygiene are important for a safe food factory.

We provide a range of floor Dust cleaning machines for manufacturing facilities, including commercial vacuum cleaners, and industrial pressure vacuums.

Regular cleaning of food production areas is important for ensuring your organization complies with food safety standards, as well as for protecting you from liability risks.

  • Maximum hygiene over the full production line
  • No machinery downtime
  • Safe and clean floor
  • High-quality product

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Hire Customized Bakery Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Solutions of Oven and Bakery Cleaning

Dirty Easter Industrial Vacuum is the solution for all of your cleaning needs.

One of the best solutions for cleaning industrial ovens is to use a wet vacuum steam cleaning process.

Our cleaning machines and industrial vacuum cleaners are currently supplied mostly to factories.

  • Bakery and Flour Products
  • Coffee roasting and tea packers
  • Dairy Products
  • Meat Production
  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Drink Products
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With our customized oven vacuum cleaners, you can efficiently and safely clean food waste and dust. Our vacuums come with HEPA filters, as well as easy storage bags that are both safe and affordable to store food waste.

Quick release collection bin made of stainless steel, capacity 35lt to 100lt and more
Long life of the whole system
Optional Atex certification

Product Hiring Benefits From HireaVac Australia

Lower Operational Cost
Compact Design for “Ease of Manoeuvrability”
Simple to use and maintain
Up to 40% Cost-Saving on Weekly Hire
Availability of support by qualified personnel to keep the vacuum operational, if & when needed
Customized Dust Collector System
Top-Notch Industrial Cleaning Machines For

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Certificates Of Compliance

Legally Certified Vacuum Cleaner Equipment in Australia

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