We operate business by following old school methods. So far so good. Its working really well for us.

Industrial Vacuums and Engineering was formed because of a common vision from seasoned business, engineering and safety consultants. The vision is to protect workforce from various industries from Hazardous dust. Make Industrial Waste Management simple and fun and remove any frustration that forces workers to adapt unsafe working methods or by pass safe waste handling methods.

Our Vision is clear

  • Protect Workforce from Hazardous Dust
  • Make Industrial Waste Management Easy
  • Support Business Operations by improving Product and Service Quality
  • Help Businesses implement “Safety First” culture by sharing the knowledge of waste management and by providing right tools for the dust handling job.

We value our clients and we consider them as our business partner. Our partner in our growth. We work with them. We Engage, Educate and Evolve with our customers. We tightly bound by our values and we operate business using our values as our operating guidelines

Our Values Are

Safety First : no matter what put safety first. If that means saying NO to a business proposal. We wont adapt or implement any procedures that will or might compromise with worker’s safety, environment or work place quality.
Quality Must : If we are not happy with the solution, even clients accept it, we wont be delivering that solution. For us Quality is MUST. No matter what we don’t compromise with Quality of our products, services, after sales services or Free Consultation.
Trust Always : We trust our clients and our clients trust us. If they have any query or questions, we always support that by providing maximum evidence, references or actual solutions. Trust is the driving force for us in the business. We don’t want our client to buy our machine without trying it.The business transaction will only happen if the client is 100% satisfy by our solution. Otherwise it will be a learning practice for both of us. NO STRINGS ATTACHED.


If you have a dust related issue or having doubt about your waste management process, please get in touch with us. We are not coin operated. We don’t change for onsite demo or for consultation. Our product complies and we are backed by oversized insurance policies.

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